Lucky 13 Rescue - Home for unwanted, lost, and stray animals in the Kansas City, Drexel, and other surrounding areas.

Spray foam insulation.

New back entry door.

Renderings of the Facility

Completed Updates

New side windows.

Future Facility

Lucky 13 Rescue Inc. sits on 4 acres of land, which includes a large pond for all of our animals to swim and play in. We are currently a foster-based organization who is establishing an on-site shelter/adoption center for in Cass County. We currently have a building that is 25' x 35', which already has a concrete floor. Our plans are to turn this into our shelter. Due to the size of the building, we are able to house about six animals at a time. The remainder of the building will consist of a dog wash, quarantine room, food storage, and public seating. This shelter is going to allow us to help many rural animals at one time and allow a location for the public to come and adopt a new family member.


  • Spray foam insulation ($2000) - COMPLETE
  • New back door ($350) - COMPLETE
  • New windows (2) ($400) - COMPLETE
  • Oversized garage door ( $1900)
  • New entry door ($350)
  • Six indoor dog kennels ($1000)
  • Six dog doors for kennel runs ($800)
  • KCPL meter and two additional poles ($5000)
  • Water and electricity ran to building ($500)
  • Air conditioner / heating unit ($2000)
  • Outdoor concrete slab and dog runs ($1600)
  • Dog bathing/grooming station ($1000)
  • Shelving and storage containers ($400)

Total facility needs = $17,300